Give + Get is all about tapping into that innate human desire to help others; “Give”, while at the same time joining a community of active people who complete amazing challenges and reap the rewards they offer; “Get”.

We’re bringing charitable giving into the modern era with the latest mobile application technology, and linking it to the growing popularity of people participating in challenges for a cause. Only with the Give + Get app, YOU get to decide which cause is worthy of receiving your hard-earned money. Challenge yourself and those in your inner circle to some classic challenges, or simply push yourself to explore something you’ve never tried before. With Give + Get there’s a challenge for everyone!

Our founders are a group of Australian entrepreneurs with businesses in a variety of industries, united with the common purpose of giving back and helping make the world a better place. We’ve crowd-sourced an amazing array of challenges in the realms of physical, mind & soul, nutritional, and community, and we’ve short-listed a range of charities that we believe do the best job at giving the largest share of donations to their respective causes. With this you can be sure your funds are going to really make a difference!

How Get and Give carefully curate the charities listed on our App;

We know the number one question in everyone’s mind is how much will make it to the actual cause?

It was a burning question in our minds when we started this journey on trying to allow more humans to Get the benefits of challenging themselves personally while Giving to the world’s needy. We all want to know what we donate is making the best possible transformation it can for the very worthy causes we choose to support.

In order to ensure the highest quality charities are engaging with the Get and Give global community, we have curated the following guiding principles to evaluate and partner with what we consider to be highest performing existing charities, or those that in time certainly will be a powerhouse for positive change!

Can the charity demonstrate true commitment to its cause and communities via the use of charitable donations?
What is the charities previous financial performance? Can it demonstrate high level use of charitably donated funds?
Will the funds Get and Give sends to the charity be used for specific purposes in line with the Mission efficiently?
Is the charity making a powerful difference in its field of focus?

Get + Give is self-mandated to support respected and high performing established charities utilising the above guiding principles. Where we support emerging charities, they must have the same goal, post-establishment phase, to ensure the Mission and Cause are adhered and the Get + Give community is supporting an emerging powerhouse of a charity!

On top of these, we’ve screened, rated, categorised and short-listed the charities that we believe do the best job at giving the largest share of donations to their respective causes, taking out all of the hard work of finding a charity that you can trust. With the Give + Get app you can be sure your funds are going to really make a difference! You can compare them using these badges:

  • Platinum = 100% of donations go to the cause
  • Gold = at least 85% of donations go to the cause
  • Silver = at least 70% of donations go to the cause
  • Bronze = at least 55% of donations go to the cause
  • Green = Is a grassroots or start-up charity, and while they may currently need to retain more funds than the larger charities, the G + G team believe they will do incredible things in the future!